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"A prática musical nas comunidades protestantes em Lisboa entre 1945 e 1965"


This research focuses on the musical expression in religious communities in Portugal, commonly known as Evangelical or Protestant churches, as practiced during the mid twentieth century, and provides bases for comparison with the practices at the beginning of the twenty-first century.
For this research a qualitative approach was applied, based on the testimony of several members of different communities. Two amongst the largest communities in Lisbon were selected for case study. These two represented both a church using a large amount of music and one using a small amount of music. The history of recent Protestant church music in Portugal has been documented as a result of this research. This documentation includes transcribed descriptions by those who were themselves involved. It contains new information which gives rise to a large number of issues
and therefore opens the door for further studies. It also leads to conclusions on different aspects, physical and non physical; such as, instruments, songs, vocal range of songs, and themes covered in the texts sung, among others of the communities’ daily life.
This document may be relevant to query for all who deal with music within Christian communities, or who have an interest in Portuguese music history, by addressing
a theme hitherto little explored in this country.
Keywords: music, Church, religious, community, evangelical, Protestant, Protestantism, Portugal, Brethren, Assembly of God, Music History.




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The printed version of this document can be accessed at the following libraries:
Instituto Piaget, Campus de Almada
Meloteca, Avintes (
Monte Esperança - Instituto Bíblico, Fanhões (